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Meet Janet ... 

Hello I’m Janet Simpson,

I am an experienced UK based trauma, somatic and psychosexually informed Relationship Therapist (MBACP acced.) and Evolve Your Relationship training facilitator. I specialise in working with couples and individuals with relationship issues within and outside of the UK.


I have experience working with:

communication problems, navigating a conflict or dilemma, developing a voice within a relationship, porn addiction/compulsivity - partners and couples, intimacy and trust, betrayal trauma, sexual trauma, grief and loss, sexual issues, relationship breakdown, moving on after a breakup, knowing your sexual self in or out of a relationship, sexual communication, using energy to connect at a deeper level within a relationship.

All my work is focused on personal and relational evolution.  Within this is the natural process of resolution. Every relational conflict, issue or sexual barrier is a point of evolution.

I promote creating open, informative sex, porn & consent talk between adults and children which enable children, and young adults, to be conscientious and critical consumers who can tell the difference between pornography and the reality of sexual relationships.


Consent is a part of every relationship and my work will help you to clearly communicating what is your 'YES' and 'NO'. 

If you are feeling uncertain, confused, in conflict or hurt and want to feel heard, loved and wanted. I am here to support you.

Love and self-wisdom,

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How long are you going to wait before you

demand the best for yourself?

Epictetus, Stoic Philosopher

Demanding the best for yourself results in an authentic relationship with yourself, and within all other relationships that you create.

I believe that everybody has unique gifts to offer each other and the world.

They are often found during the most challenging or uncertain times.

These times offer you personal and relational evolution.


Working with me will give you the opportunity to find these gifts so you can use them to create authentic personal and professional relationships that you truly love and a deep sense of evolution.

Janet simpson therapy (15).png

Evolve Your Relationship

Inspiring Sex, Porn & Consent Talk between partners, parents, professionals and children. 

Read my latest testimonials May 2023


Note: all testimonials are anonymous to maintain client confidentiality and published with permission.

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