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Meet Janet ... A Therapist on a Mission

Hello I’m Janet Simpson,

I am a UK based counsellor (MBACP acced.), certified coach and sex educator. I support individuals and couples with relationship issues within and outside of the UK.

Betrayal trauma, infidelity, struggling to communicate, intimacy or sex issues, pornography intrusions, finding it difficult to stay or get into a relationship, grieving the loss of a relationship or loved one. These are all areas I work with.

I am presently developing psychoeducational resources to support parents having conversations about sex & pornography.

I am a Therapist on a mission ...

Supporting individuals and couples transform their relationships in healthy and fulfilling ways.

Promoting open, informative sex & porn talk between adults and children which enable children, and young adults, to be conscientious and critical consumers who can tell the difference between pornography and the reality of sexual relationships.

Book a free consultation if you think my work can help you.

Love and self-wisdom,


How long are you going to wait before you

demand the best for yourself?

Epictetus, Stoic Philosopher

I believe that everybody has unique gifts to offer each other and the world.

They are often found during the most challenging or uncertain times.


Working with me will give you the opportunity to find these gifts so you can use them to create authentic personal and professional relationships that you truly love.

Transforming relationships with integrity and informed sex & porn talk. 

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