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Be Shamelessly You
In or out of a relationship

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For women who wants to feel FREE within themselves and in any relationship.

I can offer you space to:

  •  heal & grow from any trauma, conflict, discomfort or irritation.

  •  strip away all of life's myths to uncover what is truthful for you.

  • develop your emotional intelligence.

  • grow your greatness and sense the joy of being YOU.

  • and, anything else you intend this space to be!

My work offers YOU a place to ...

'Be Shamelessly You!'

Working with consent, boundaries, self-image, self-esteem, impact of early messages.

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Why 'Be Shamelessly You' ?

I have a painful background starting pre-birth of body, sexual and relational shame – not that most people would have guessed - yet my inner critic created torture, ridicule and pain. I created a version of myself that was not fully the true essence of ME. It was created to fit in, speak in half-truths and be accepted in all relationships - personal and professional, to avoid shame.

The ‘Be Shamelessly You’ theme for ALL my work is inspired by my own journey of self-acceptance through vulnerability and learning how to gently hold onto discomfort with compassion for myself.

I was forced into conversations and learning around sex, pornography, relationships and self-acceptance so that ended up my therapy focus.

I am grateful I was because now I feel truly LIBERATED. Wherever I go I am very comfortable being 'Shamelessly ME' in my BODY, ACTIONS and CONVERASTIONS. 

I now LOVE having conversations about taboo subjects as I recognise how LIBERATING it is to fully express yourself in and out of the therapy room.

For clients, it offers them a sense of freedom and liberation that can be grow in their personal and professional life.


I unknowingly was living in an enmeshed family. So I had to step out reform myself, allow others to fall and step back in. I was in the DRAMA TRIANGLE so I had to NOT rescue but allow family members to find  their POWER and use it.  It created family turmoil and lots of fall outs. Now we are genuinely the closest and most honest we have been with each other. 

Events broke me into pieces yet each piece I have used to reform and create myself.

Let me show you the short cuts ... the best bits ... the tools for transformation.

NOTE: I do not refer to being SHAME-FREE as that is not healthy.  Shame serves to keep us safe with boundaries and integrity in all situations. 

Beach Waves

Issues I have worked with


sex addiction/compulsivity

porn addiction/compulsivity

love addiction

performance anxiety

sexual anxiety

living with vaginismus/vulvodynia

grief & loss


managing anxiety


child death

sexual issues

health issues



family issues

work issues/stress

eating disorder

loss of identity

out of balance


feeling out of control

stuck in the drama triangle

business/life loss of direction

generally unhappy with life

domestic abuse


relationship issues/infidelity

spiritual awakening


lack of confidence/self esteem

childhood issues

unregulated emotions


crisis points

impact of suicide

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