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Wildcatz ... a community of supportive women creating balanced. sovereign relationships.

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What is a Wildcatz Woman?

A Wildcatz woman is not tame or controlled by people, jobs, roles or other voices of authority. She stands comfortably in her Sovereignty and allows her partner to maintain their sovereignty. A Wildcatz woman is powerful without overpowering others. She knows how and when to use both masculine and feminine energy. 

Wildcatz use their instinctive nature to navigate through any situation and in every opportunity chooses to MAKE LIFE EASIER.

Wildcatz use their intuition to live with wisdom, integrity and panache creating what they love in their life.

Every woman has their own unique Wildcatz nature, a deep luxurious essence that has immense value in the world.

Have you been worn out in yo-yo relationships?

Are you still getting over being cheated on?

Are you fed up with your present relationship or want to improve it?

Do you find it hard to to stay or get in a relationship?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Wildcatz & Relationships is the course for you.

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Wildcatz & Relationships

An introductory course for Wildcatz women who want to use their wisdom, integrity and panache to create damn good relationships. 

I have many hours experience working with relationship issues and a degree in couples counselling. This gives me the personal insight and the theory behind why some relationships work and some don’t.

AND I’ve been in various dysfunctional relationship where I have had to apply interventions on myself and work out for myself how to deal with rejection and being cheated on. Including a relationship with a sex and porn addict, where I learnt about the loveless world of pornography and how it can damage both the relationship and the person. 


I’ve become a relationship expert!


I really do know now why I chose those partners and had catastrophic reactions to rejection - never again!


I now have various tools to help me create beautiful relationships; the most important one being the relationship I have with myself. 

I’d love to share these with you.


This course offers you an introduction into:

the purpose of relationships,

conscious and unconscious love patterns, 

love and attachment,

why we attract partners,

relationship energetics,

dealing with rejection and infidelity,

how guilt and shame can squash intimacy,

the influence of masculine and feminine energy,

sacred energy sex

and how to step into being a sovereign woman.

The end result of this course will help you to:

*have a better understanding of the nature of relationships;

*create informed, healthy relationship choices, and;

*taste living contentedly in or out of a relationship. 

This course includes a 1-2-1 session with me.



Join the waitlist and I will contact you when I’m opening the doors of this course.


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