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Counselling & Psychotherapy
A space to heal & grow


My Therapy is a mix of:




Using theory and experience from:

Child Counselling

Adult Counselling

Couples Counselling



Beach Waves

Therapy & Coaching for

Sex & Relationships 

All my work is around sex and relationships. This is the area that I have been involved in throughout my 25 year career in Education & in the Mental, Emotional and Sexual Health sector.

I work with many sexual issues so I focus of initially developing a trusting relationship. From this, healing and growth occur naturally. I apply this to all my work.  I use various techniques to support healing, emotional growth and relationship building. Examples:


Body focus work to release emotions

Childhood resolution 

Creating and Expressing Boundaries

Energetic Rebalancing/Alignment   

Inner Child Connection 

Grief to Honouring

Heart & Brain Coherence

Separating trauma/abuse patterns from healthy patterns

Developing SAFE sexual/erotic landscapes

Couples Counselling

With couples, I aim to be non-biased and to work for the growth of the relationship as this is different to working with each individual. A relationship is a space where two people meet and one reason we have them is to finish off childhood so we 'grow up' - often this can be a space of conflict, high emotions, frustration and confusion as neither person realises what is going on. Becoming aware of what is underneath the conflict is the first step to creating some understanding and peace.  

Many couples benefit from some individual sessions to release emotional tension and heal trauma which is impacting the relationship. 

Examples of couples work: intimacy issues/distance, secret use of sex and porn, communication, family dilemma, impact of trauma, grief impact, 'MOT' to sustain the relationship.

Trauma (Sexual & Non-sexual)

Trauma affects most relationships, if not all, and creates issues.  It could originate in the form of childhood neglect, abandonment or early rejection. From the death of a parent in childhood (open, historic trauma) to body shaming (covert trauma) or sexual trauma (mix of historic, overt or covert trauma). You may even have PTSD. Trauma comes into most sessions in some form.

With any trauma, in particularly sexual trauma, is so important that you feel you can trust me so the sessions may not start with the trauma. It is totally up to you. I want to be led by you and get to know you to build a trusting relationship. It may be useful to work on a somatic level with breath and soothing techniques first which will allow you to release some of the trauma then talk about it. You may never want to talk about it at all. In this case, I can support you to release the emotions and heal the trauma without words or a retelling of the story.

It is worth noting that I do not repeatedly go back into stories as that does not support healing.

Grief & Loss

Grief and loss comes up in all relationship work. Grief needs to be expressed otherwise it can impact health and communication in your relationship. Loss is part of everyday life and small losses can trigger other losses that have not been emotionally expressed.  Any grief or loss that is unexpressed has like a build up affect. It is called accumulative grief. I learnt a great deal about grief & loss working in Alder Hey Hospital with clients who had been affected by child death. Most significantly, I learnt that in every crisis/death there is also an opportunity to use this energy to be of service to another in a deeply meaningful and profound way.

When you have had a death of a loved one as a child this affects all relationships if the grief is unexpressed. Grief blocks love so it is then hard to feel connected to your loved one and use this connection in a beautiful way in your relationships.  I am able to reconnect you to your loved one, find ways to honour them and use their loving energy in your life.  

Men's Issues & Porn/Sex Compulsivity 

I work a lot with men around issues related to grief, loss, porn use, sex/porn compulsion (addiction), infidelity, sexual anxiety, sexual performance issues, problems getting into relationships, communicating and expressing self in relationships. I have compassion for men and the issues they face. There seems to be a lot of support for women but not as much for men. It is not as socially or culturally acceptable to express emotions or to seek help. Plus most are unaware of the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy so end up in relationships where they are not the masculine lead and feel powerless.

I often hear men say 'I wish I had booked earlier'. I have witnessed men cry in relief and leave sessions with a far better understanding of themselves and the situation. This is powerful and may take just one or two sessions to open up space for a greater level of self-freedom and improved connection with others. A recent review from a male client after the initial 1 1/2hr session.

image_6487327 (7).JPG

Therapy My Approach


My approach is a mix of THERAPY and COACHING in a space that is safe and non-judgemental. I use a purposeful mix of active listening, relevant psycho-education and proven interventions from psychotherapy, counselling and coaching. 

I believe education offers transformation so that forms a key aspect of my approach.

I take a holistic approach as all aspects of you are interconnected: you body, your mind and your energy body. Of which, is influenced by your social and cultural background.

Hence, no one person on this planet is the same no matter what similar experience they have had. 


I have a training background of both Counselling and Psychotherapy which traditionally deals with understanding and overcoming issues/events from the past and how it is impacting the present 'here and now'. Whereas, coaching is more about change and action in the present so you are actively creating what you want in the future.

Qualifications & Work Experience

March 2023 - Present  Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course   Erotic Freedom Club Miss Jaya, Ian Ferguson

January 2023 Working with Partners of Sex & Porn Addiction/Compulsivity  Paula Hall  Online Masterclass 

November 2022  Working with Relational Shame  Alan Leach

October 2022 - June 2023  Certification in Psychosexual Studies  Tavistock Relationships

February 2022 - The Breakthrough Experience On-line  Dr John Demartini  The Demartini Institute

November 2021 - Effective Safeguarding Supervision in Education  Safeguarding Support UK

March - September 2021: Create Your Destiny, Alchemy for Success Creative Warrior, Mastery – Natural Success Academy  William Whitecloud  On-line based in USA

2021: The Couples Counselling Toolkit – The Counselling Academy 

2021   Superconscious Mastery: transformation, Intuition and Creation  Chris Duncan-Conscious Education  On-line based in Australia

2020 – 2021: Magnetic Mind Certified Coach  Chris Duncan -Conscious Education 

2020:  Accredited Online and Telephone Counselling Course  Counselling Tutor

2020:  Understanding Sex Addiction from a BioPsychoSocial Perspective  The Laurel Centre

2019 – 2020: BSc (Hons) Counselling – Grief and loss; Working with couples  Staffordshire University

2017: CPCAB Level 4 Certificate in Counselling Children  Place2Be Manchester

2016 – 2018: Level 4 Therapeutic Counselling Diploma  Warrington Collegiate

2017 – 2018: Gestalt Therapy Foundation Course  Manchester Gestalt Centre 

2017:  BRIEF Solution Focused Practice Foundation Course  BRIEF – Salford University

2016: Understanding and Working with Child Loss & Bereavement in Counselling and Helping Relationships Open Awards Alder Centre, Alder Hey Hospital

2016: Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Children Place2Be Manchester

1997: Post Graduate Certificate in Education

1996: BSc (Hons) Geography and IT

My work experiences:

March 2021 - Present Founder of Janet Simpson Therapy (Formally Choose to Make Life Easier)

Dec 2016 - March 2022  Part time counsellor of hospital staff and child bereaved clients at the Alder Centre, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Liverpool – A centre for anyone affected by child death

Sept 2020 - July 2021 Safeguarding Supervisor in a primary school in Liverpool.

Sept 2017 - July 2019  Two years as a school child counsellor 

Sept 1997 - July 2016  Primary school teacher at St Basil's Primary in Widnes

Professional Details:

Accredited member of British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists -BACP.

I attend monthly clinical supervision. Fully insured with an up-to-date DBS.

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