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Why are conversations so important?

Through conversations, I've gained great wisdom and inspiration which has helped me to grow and made me more capable to serve others.  

As a therapist, conversations have helped me to get to the root of a client's perceived barriers, traumas and crisis points. Resulting in a widening of perspectives to reveal hidden opportunities, wisdom and inspiration. All helping clients to make conscious choices to transform their lives. 

One thing I have learnt is the most powerful conversations are the ones you have with yourself.

My journey has involved learning to recognise and distinguish between my inner chatter and the whispers from my intuitive mind. Both are important to hear.  Energy circles are one tool I use to make this process easier. 

It's taken some time to reach a point of being able to use my intuition as a guide as for most of my life I have been a faithful servant to my rational mind.


 Now I have found my sacred gift, it is my purpose to help you find yours.

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Do all conversations help us grow?

No! Not all conversations support growth. Many people get involved in conversations that are of old stories and dramas that are playing out in life. These sorts of conversations keep people trapped in the past and project fear into their future.


Research clearly shows life drama increases stress levels, throws people into their survival brain mode and this is the main creator of ill health and mental instability.

Let me help you to reduce the drama of life using the power of energy circles

So NO drama allowed in these conversations

Why am I on a mission to have Conversations4Living?

I LOVE talking and connecting with people ...

And, I believe one 'non-drama' conversation can create an opportunity for inspired living and offer the first step on the path out of any unwanted situation.

 Plus and it's a big plus ... I was researching around the effects of pornography viewing on adults, families and children, in particular how to tackle the issue of children accessing pornography which they do; the AVERAGE age a child is exposed to porn is 11!

I noticed that every article suggested having regular, open conversations about sex and porn with their child or children was the best way to support them.

HOWEVER, this didn't always happen. Parents either turned a blind eye and said nothing, or shouted at their children. 



Shame ... guilt ... and even more shame


The guilt and shame due to some parents watching porn themselves or they felt totally embarrassed (shame in another guise) talking about sex.


Some parents thought porn was part of their child's normal sex education. However, the porn accessed now is more violent and aggressive and research is linking this to the sharp rise in sexual violence towards girls (mainly) and boys in high school. It is of such a concern that the Department of Education (DoE) had to release guidance on how to deal with Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment in September 2021.

So, I'm a Therapist on a mission to have more open, honest, informative conversations about SEX and PORN

Becoming a sex conversationalist

Even after the painful personal experiences I've had as a partner of a porn addict, I'm not against adults viewing porn; I am against children viewing porn as this is imprinted on the developing brain for life.


To find some understanding behind my challenging relationship, I researched around the subject of porn and sex addiction, went on courses, and had LOTS of conversations about sex which I wish I'd had years ago.

I seem to have become a sex conversationalist!


What the porn issue does offer is an opportunity for parents, professionals and caregivers to have regular, open, informative conversations about porn and sex with their children to demystify sex and reduce the possibility of children developing habits that will keep them 'stuck in primeval mating' which for an adult can result in a toxic mix of depression, anxiety and isolation.

So why not join an event with a focus on sex conversation. Get informed ... have some fun!

Book onto a Conversations4Living event.

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